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Winter roads aren’t just covered in snow and ice, they are also covered in dirt, salt, and other chemicals.  These can get stuck to the outside of your vehicle, but they can also be brought inside on people’s shoes.

Build up of Debris

When climbing into a car after braving the cold weather, most people take the time to knock off their shoes.  They just want to get where it’s warm!  This can lead to huge amounts snow melting into your car’s carpets, as well as dirt and other debris being tracked in.

Over time, this can all accumulate and make your car look awful.  In addition, the salt used to melt ice can also stain your carpet or upholstery.  The best course of action is to get these cleaned up and taken care of as soon as possible.

Professional Car DetailingRemoving Debris

The best way to accomplish this task is to allow the debris to dry.  After that, it can be vacuumed up.  Trying to take care of the mess while it’s still wet can lead to it being smeared and ground in to the fibers.  This makes getting salt and mud out of your floors even more difficult.

If you have rubber or vinyl floor mats, then removing these and rinsing them off or shaking them out will help alleviate the issues with dirt, salt, and grime.  If you don’t already have these in your car, you may consider getting some.  You may also consider having old towels in the car that people can put their feet on.  This will also make clean up a breeze.

Taking your car to a professional is the best way to get interior car detailing.  Most places have incredibly powerful vacuums and other cleaners to get rid of debris and any staining that may occur from dragging things into your car on your boots.  This will also keep you from getting too cold while cleaning the car yourself.

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