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Auto detailing and car wash professionals have mastered the art of cleaning windows. While car owners like to think they have the most effective windshield cleaning methods around, the truth is that they are just making more work for themselves because their DIY cleaning methods are not effective or long lasting.

Car wash professionals have a lot of windshield cleaning tips to help them clean every car windshield to the same standard of perfection. Here we share some tips with you so that you can see what you’re doing wrong.

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Use microfiber cloth

Although there are tons of different materials out there for cleaning a car, the most effective choice is a microfiber cloth. The primary reason why is that microfiber cloth is soft and will not leave any marks on the glass like a lot of other rags will. It is very important to use the same cloth for window cleaning only, not for anything else. If you rub down the body of the car, for example, the cloth will pick up little rocks and dirt and transplant them onto your windshield when you return to wipe down the glass. Always separate cloths by surface-use.

Don’t over soap

It is a common mistake for car owners to apply too much window cleaning product when cleaning glass. The logic is that if soaps work so well on the body of the car, then it should work well on the windows too. But glass is a different surface material compared to the metal body of a car, and too much soap on glass creates soap rings that are a nuisance to remove. The best solution is to use window cleaning products sparingly on the windows.

Don’t forget the inside of the windshield

Another step not to forget is cleaning the inside of the windshield. While it will probably not carry as much dirt as the exterior side, there is probably enough dust there to compromise what would otherwise be a clear windshield.

With these tips in your back pocket, you should be able to perform a more thorough clean of your windshields and enjoy the benefits of a clean car. But if you want a perfect job done every time, book a cleaning at R&J’s Auto Spa today!