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While going to the local car wash is easy, choosing your services can be a bit of a challenge. This isn’t just due to the many options people have; they are usually debating between an express car wash in Lakewood or a full auto detailing service. Here is a quick guide to help you decide what service is best for you.

Cleaning Your Car Windshield and WindowsDo You Need an Interior Clean?

One of the most significant deciding factors in whether or not you should get an express service is what areas you want clean. If you want a professional interior clean, you will need to get an auto detailing service. Using a vacuum and dusting the interior components yourself is an option; however, an auto detailing service will be faster and more effective.

Fast, Exterior Cleans

The benefit of choosing an express car wash is the speed. Rather than spend time scrubbing each spot clean, the large machine quickly encompasses your vehicle with bristles, buffers, water and soap, followed by a 3-speed air dry or hand-dry. You can relax in the driver’s seat while your car is cleaned from top to bottom in just a few minutes.

Regular Car Washes

Visiting a local car wash in Lakewood twice a month is usually enough to keep the exterior of the vehicle looking its best. While you should consider an extensive auto detail every six months, an express wash will include most of the services the average driver needs. Upgraded express wash services, such as the Best Wash Plus, will help you handle a few of the small details, such as removing exterior bugs and give you a very basic interior clean.

Anytime is a Good Time for a Car Wash

At R&J’s Auto Spa, we work hard to help provide fast and easy cleaning services no matter how dirty your vehicle is. Learn more about how our express car wash services can help keep your car looking its best.