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An express car wash in Lakewood may seem like it is very straightforward, but there is a reason why these machines do a much better job than a typical hand wash. Several factors go into an automatic car wash. Here is a breakdown of the most important steps an express service takes to get your car sparkling clean.

Start with a Better Wash

Express cleaning services start with a standard car wash and then detail clean part of the vehicle. At R&J’s Auto Spa, the basic express service includes a “Better Wash.” This is a quick process that includes numerous steps.

Cleaning Your Car Windshield and WindowsWhat Happens in an Automatic Car Wash

When your vehicle first enters the car wash in Lakewood, it is first treated with a low PH heated foaming soap, which is quickly pressure washed away by multiple jets. This helps to quickly eliminate any dirt, making the rest of the cleaning process more manageable.

Next, a special undercarriage wash and rust inhibitor are applied to help protect the underside of your vehicle. The wheels are also washed, but neither substance is blasted away just yet. A second application of foaming soap is applied, and a large washer wrap cloth surrounds the vehicle. This gently scrubs all areas of the vehicle to ensure all of the small spaces on the exterior are adequately cleaned.

What sets the wash apart from anything you would do at home is the rinse cycle and conditioning. A triple foam body conditioner, Dri Bright, and heated clear coat protectant help create that “good as new” look. All treatments are washed using a spot-free rinse and quickly dried.

Additional Services in Express Packages

Express car wash services add interior vacuuming, window cleaning, cup holder, dash, and console dusting to make the car feel clean inside and out. While auto detailing takes this another step further, these fast and straightforward services are the perfect way to clean your car each week.

Reliable Car Wash Services in Lakewood

At R&J’s Auto Spa, we pride ourselves on providing a superior, detailed clean. Contact us today to learn about additional services that can help you quickly and easily clean your vehicle.