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Washing your car may sound easy until you find out how many different car washing methods are available. Among the most straightforward solutions is the automatic car wash. Just drive your car up, select your services and let the machines do the rest. However, there are different kinds of express car washes, and not all of them offer soft touch services.

Car Washing Membership PlansWhat is a Soft Touch Car Wash?

One of the most common types of express car washes in Lakewood is a soft touch. These automated washes are designed to scrub your vehicle as it passes through the wash gently. Rather than using hard brushes, a soft touch car wash uses less abrasive cloths. This helps to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains that wouldn’t usually come off with a standard wash.

Soft Touch Concerns

Some drivers are concerned that the bristles on each brush will leave scratches on their vehicle. Soft touch car washes are designed to minimize damage, especially on older cars with paint or rust issues. While some may encourage you to use a touchless or hands-free car wash, a soft touch is a far more effective cleaning method.

Know Your Services

If you are concerned about getting a soft touch car wash in Lakewood, research a professional company before taking your car in. Professionals like the ones at R&J Auto Spa understand the importance of being gentle, yet providing an effective, reliable service. Advanced car detailing services are also available to help you get a more comprehensive clean.

Get the Perfect Wash

At R&J’s Auto Spa, we pride ourselves on creating an easy-to-use, worry-free car cleaning solution. Our soft touch car wash is ready to help you get clean your vehicle deserves. Contact us to learn more about our express car wash and auto detailing services.