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Drying the headlight of a vehicle with a rag.After you’ve finished washing your vehicle, you are set with the task of drying it off. Most drivers will think of hand or towel drying their vehicle with a rag, as it is the most common method. However, drivers have other drying options other than hand or towel drying with a rag. These different drying options give drivers variety, which is always beneficial.



Chamois are one of the most commonly used vehicle cleaning cloths in Denver, CO and across North America. A chamois is usually made out of mountain goat or sheep leather. These materials allow for a durable and absorbent cloth. In recent years, manufacturers have been offering synthetic chamois, however, they are nowhere near as strong as the traditional version.


Microfibre Towel

Microfibre towels are another great option for drying your vehicle. Microfibre towels won’t leave streaks, scratches or marks on your vehicle’s exterior. These also have a high level of absorbency and are completely lint free. This makes them the perfect choice for expensive and luxurious vehicles.


Air Drying

Air drying is the most relaxed way of drying off your car. After spending hours cleaning every detail of your vehicle, it can be a pain to spend another hour drying it off. When one is in this situation, it is best to let nature run its course. Gradually, the water on your vehicle will evaporate, leaving it bone dry. You can also dry it off by taking it out for a spin as the high speeds of the vehicle will push the water off of the vehicle. However, avoid any dirt roads, as it will just lead to you having to clean your vehicle a second time.

There are a number of great options for drying off your vehicle. Next time you’re washing your car, try a chamois or a microfibre towel. Or if you’re feeling lazy, go for a quick drive and let the vehicle air dry.
For more information about the variety of ways you can dry off your car, call the automotive masters at RJ’s Auto Spa.