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If you prefer to wash your car yourself, you might be overlooking one key aspect of vehicle maintenance: washing under your car. Most car owners won’t think to wash the underbelly of their car because they can’t see it and it’s hard to reach, but exterior detailing can help with that. Your car can start to experience all kinds of problems if you refuse to clean this area of your car for months or even years at a time. Learn more about why it’s important to wash under your car.

Keeping Drainage Holes Free and Clear

Regardless of where you like to drive, the underbelly of your car is bound to get hit with all kinds of dirt, dust, rocks, snow, ice and just about anything else that might be lying around on the road. But when the underbelly gets dirty, your car’s performance might start to suffer as a result. There are several important drainage holes underneath the body of the car that keep the engine running smoothly. If these holes get blocked by debris, your car might start to wear down over time.

Wash Under Your Car

Prevents Rusts

Regular cleaning also helps prevent rust. That’s why you should make a point to clean the underbelly of your car, so you don’t have to worry about oxidation eating away at the body of your car. Pieces of debris and shooting rocks can also do damage to the underbelly of your car, leaving the metal and key components exposed to the elements, which is a recipe for rust. Reaching all those nooks and crannies can be a challenge, but it’s vital that you wash underneath your car several times a year to prevent oxidation. You can also use special cleaners and chemicals that are designed to stop rust in its tracks.

If you’re having trouble washing under your car, take it to the car wash professionals at R&J’s Auto Spa. We have the tools and equipment you need to wash every aspect of your car. Don’t leave the underbelly exposed. Come to R&J’s in Lakewood, Co today!