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Everyone knows that taking your vehicle to a car wash can make it look amazing. While the exterior is smooth, many people struggle with maintaining the interior of their car. Crumbs fall between the seats, kids track mud in, or a thick layer of dust forms above the dashboard. No matter what the source of the mess is, read this quick guide to learn how to make your car interior sparkling clean.

Get in the Habit of Cleaning Regularly

Even people who have car wash memberships wait to see monthly specials in Lakewood before thinking about washing their car interior. The truth is that the interior is incredibly important, especially since it is a confined space that you will be spending a lot of time in. Schedule an interior car cleaning at least once a month.

Interior Car Detailing Services in LakewoodVacuum Regularly

A simple vacuum can go a long way! Whenever you visit the car wash, take advantage of the available vacuum cleaner to get the dirt out of hard to reach places.

Regularly Hunt for Trash

Even if you always toss your fast food containers or receipts, there is always a chance one may be hiding in your vehicle. If trash is left unattended, it can cause unforeseen smells, mildew buildup, or mold. Rather than take the risk, take a few moments to hunt for trash in your car whenever you go to wash it. You’ll be surprised what you can find in your car!

Get a Professional Shampoo

Shampoo the interior of your car in Arvada to help lift any stains and scrub the dirt away. Even if you do this at home, getting a professional interior cleaning service is often recommended. A professional service has all the tools needed to scrub, rinse and dry your car without risking damage.

Hire a Professional

At R&J Auto Spa, we know the importance of keeping your car interior sparkling clean. Contact us to see how our cleaning services can help you get the beautiful car of your dreams.