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As a part of your auto detailing services in Arvada, you don’t want to neglect the humble car wash. A major reason for this is not just keeping things clean. A regular wash helps keep away different corrosive compounds that can slowly wear down the coatings and paint on your vehicle, and eventually end up leading to rust. Rust can lead to a series of different issues for your car. This isn’t the only reason why it’s worth it to try and get a car washed more often. Take a look.

Helping your Vehicle

Professional Car WashThere are certain things that can’t be washed off easily, and road salt is a perfect example to bring up with winter getting closer. Road salt on your car naturally speeds up the rate of rust, and a heated garage or basic rinse at home isn’t going to be enough to fix the issue. In fact, a heated garage could actually speed things up. The only option, in this case, is to get a profession car wash that takes time to clean the underbody or undercarriage. Other benefits include visibility and even fuel efficiency.

Helping The Environment

In some cases, it’s tempting to save the time and money and try and work on your car in your driveway, but one thing you may not realize is that you’re actually doing the environment a favor by choosing to visit your local car wash as opposed to the home methods. Automatic car washes use high-pressure nozzles and reclaim systems, so you actually end up losing less water than you would in your own driveway. Also, one thing that’s notable is that car washes have means to capture and redirect the waxes and soaps that rinse off of a car. This means fewer harmful chemicals going into streams and lakes. In some cases, these can lead to trouble for local fish and animal populations in those bodies of water.

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