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Having a clean engine increases its components’ lifetimes and helps you save money on repairs and maintenance. Also, cleaning the motor on a regular basis prevents rust from appearing, since grime and road salts are removed. Today, we want to provide four easy steps so you can get your engine cleaned and prolong its lifetime:

1) Remove Debris From Your Engine Bay

It is common to find dead bugs, leaves, grass, and sticks on an engine, so it is vital to remove them before washing it to make it easier. Also, removing debris will prevent any unexpected situation from arising, like a fire.

2) Apply Engine Degreaser

When using a premium degreaser, it is crucial that the vehicle’s engine isn’t hot to prevent the degreaser from drying quickly, making the process more difficult. Also, be very careful not to spill degreaser on the car’s paint, and if it happens, remove it immediately. Otherwise, it will be much harder to do so when washing the body’s surface.

3) Use a Brush to Remove Dirt and Dust

The best way to eliminate dust from an engine is to use a brush and water, passing it through the engine bay and then washing it off with water. Preferably, use a garden hose and normal water pressure.  

4) Apply Aerosol Engine Dressing

Finally, if you want your engine to look sparkling and shiny, then get yourself an aerosol engine dressing to give it a great look.

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