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If your car has a leather interior, it is a good idea to learn about interior leather conditioning. Proper treatment and conditioning of leather will ensure the leather does not pick up any serious damage. Stains, marks, and dirt will inevitably build up on leather seating and cover over the otherwise beautiful sheen that leather provides.

You did not buy a car with a leather interior to let stains and markings take over, but if blemishes do emerge, you can take the car into an auto cleaning shop and have the professionals perform interior leather conditioning on the seats to bring them back to as good as new. Here is the five-step process that professionals use to treat leather seats:

Step 1: Vacuum

The first step is to remove all debris and dirt that has built up over the months. It is particularly common to see dirt build up over the winter months, as salt and pebbles usually make their way into the interior of the car via the sole of shoes. Sharp-edged materials are obviously very damaging to leather and should be removed as soon as possible!

Step 2: Apply Leather Cleaner

Once the interior is spotless, car wash specialists will apply industry-leading leather cleaner to the seats with a soft towel or a light bristle brush in areas with build-up.

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Step 3: Wipe Dry

The cleaner is then removed with a soft towel, although the seats will remain moist for a short period as the cleaner has yet to set in.

Step 4: Apply Conditioner

Once the cleaner has set, it’s time to apply conditioner to the interior. A conditioner is used to keep the leather moist and prevent it from cracking from UV rays or dry air. Car wash specialists will spread the conditioner evenly across the entire surface of the vehicle for optimal effect.

Step 5: Wipe Dry

The interior is then wiped dry and the leather interior is shiny and good as new!

Leather seats are often the most alluring and enjoyable feature of a vehicle. Like any fine specimen, the material requires regular attention and care in order to remain vibrant.

If your leather seats are looking a little worse for wear, book an appointment with the car wash experts at R&J’s Auto Spa now!