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A lot of the time, when people talk about getting their car clean, they only get a car wash in Lakewood and leave it at that. As nice as a good car wash is for your vehicle, you don’t want to stop there. On average, American drivers spend nearly 600 hours per year in their car, which leaves time for plenty of things to accumulate on the inside too. Along with getting your car interior detailed, here are some basic ways you can clean things up on the inside.

Getting Your Car Clear

The good news is that as a start if you’ve done some basic spring cleaning at home, you’re ready to do the same in your car. Start by simply emptying out everything that you see from the car, no matter what it is. The benefit here is that not only will you catch any sort of excess trash, but you can survey what needs to be in the car versus what doesn’t, piece by piece. Another thing you can do at this point is to curb that trash by putting a miniature can somewhere in your car.

Decluttering Your Car

Added Organization

After clearing the car and dealing with the trash issue, your next concern is going to be seasonal items. By seasonal, this means the items that you may want on your car on a daily basis at some time of the year, but have no use for at other times. Good examples of this are certain outdoor supplies or sports items. One way to cut down on car clutter here is to move these to easily accessible areas of the garage rather than the car. This way, during the peak season, it’s easy to get them in the car whenever you want. However, you don’t have to deal with keeping them there and forgetting them.

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