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Salt brine removal is one of the most common services in the car wash industry during winter time. Municipalities apply a brine solution to roads before a snowstorm and throughout the winter that melts ice and makes the roads slightly safer to travel on. This is the upside of brine for drivers.

The downside is that brine tends to accumulate on the underside of a car and causes it to rust at an incredibly fast rate. Cars that have been through a number of winters will surely have excessive rust on the underside, thus greatly reducing the functionality and value of the car. A car owner with hopes of selling their vehicle will have to ask for quite a bit less if there is rust build-up on the underside. Conversely, if you are looking to purchase a used vehicle be sure to check the underside of the car for any rust and, if there is any, have the repair costs covered by the current owner before purchase.

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What is brine?

Brine is a simple liquid solution of salt and water that is applied wet to the roads and then quickly freezes in place. The salt crystals in brine are combined with water because that way they will stay in place for longer than if salt crystals are simply spread across the surface of the road. The crystals of salt might be excellent at preventing ice build up on the roads, but they are also excellent at sticking to the underside of cars (including the rim of the wheels) and causing rust.

How do I remove rust from my car?

The good news is that car detailing specialists have developed an effective treatment for salt brine removal of even the most severe amounts. Of course, as with most things car cleaning related, the sooner brine is tackled the more effective the treatment will be. Treatment methods usually entail the application of a salt removal product on inflicted areas, followed by a thorough washing. Once the rust has been removed, specialists will apply a rust protection product to the exposed areas to prevent rust build up in the future. The effectiveness of the rust protection depends on usage and exposure to brine, but will surely do enough to remove the existing rust and prevent layers from accruing year over year.

If you are dealing with rust from brine build up, you need to contact the experts at R&J’s Auto Spa for immediate attention today!