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If you are a habitual smoker and love lighting up in the front or backseat of your car, all that smoke can do lasting damage to the interior of your car. The odor of smoke can seep into virtually every surface of your car, which means all those smells aren’t going away any time soon even if you put out the cigarette. If you smoke in the same car for years on end, you’ll even notice yellow nicotine stains and even bits of tar hanging from the visor or on the ceiling of your car’s interior. If you plan on selling your car, you’ll need to have these odors removed by a professional. Find out how to de-smoke your car.

Wiping Down Surfaces

The first step is to wipe down all the surfaces with some specialty all-purpose cleaner. There are brands made for removing tough odors in cars, so this will be the best choice. You’ll need to have every surface fully coated in the stuff if you’ve been smoking in your car for years. Whether it’s you or a car cleaning professional, you’ll need scrub all the knobs, handles, arm rests, doors, and windows with cleaner.

Cigarette Smoke Odors

Using a Steam Cleaner

You’ll also need to use a steam cleaner on the seats and floors to get rid of those unpleasant odors. A steam cleaner will give the seats and other pieces of fabric a deep cleaner that goes above and beyond your basic air freshener. Carefully run the steam cleaner over every inch of the car seat. This doesn’t just include the place where you actually sit down, but also the sides, top and bottom of the seat as well. Depending on what kind of car seats you have, you might also want to shampoo the seats or do both if the smell is still in the air.

If you’re having trouble getting smoke odors out of your car, come to R&J’s Auto Body Shop to have someone shampoo the interior of your car in Federal Heights, CO.