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So, you’ve just spruced up your ride with a stunning new paint job. But if it’s only been a week since you had your car painted with a fresh coat, you can damage the paint job if you’re not careful. The new paint will still be fragile, and any kind of stiff surface can ruin the flawless look that you’ve just spent your hard-earned money on. Don’t take a chance with your car’s new paint job. Use these tips to protect a fresh coat of paint.

Avoid Automated Car Washes and Go for a Hand Wash Instead

If you’re used to taking your car to an automated car wash, it’s time to rethink your approach to cleaning your car. If your car is dirty and the paint is still relatively fresh, it’s best to either hand wash the car yourself or take it to a car wash that offers expert hand washing services. Automated car washes tend to use stiff bristles that can chip away at a car’s paint job if it’s still fresh. A hand wash by a professional will still get rid of all the dirt on the surface of your car without damaging the paint. Tell the service attendant that your car has just been painted and they will be as gentle as possible.

Get a Clear Coat Protectant

The best way to protect your car is to get a clear coat protectant that will lock in your new paint job and protect it from dents and scrapes. It’s like have an invisible force-field around the surface of your car that provides an extra layer of protection.

Avoid Unpaved Roads

Nothing is worse for a paint job than loose pieces of gravel and dirt roads. Stick to paved surfaces until your paint job as properly set in.

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