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Summer is heating up, and that means lots of people are going to head off on a long road-trip or camping trip. It’s a cheap vacation that helps you spend some more time in nature. But leaving the city and heading into the wilderness can do a number on your car’s appearance. Animals and the weather might take a toll on the exterior of your car, while dirty camping equipment can destroy the interior. Learn how you can protect your car’s appearance during a long camping trip.

Use a Wax Sealant or Clear Coat Protectant to Protect the Exterior

Your car might not be used to spending so much time outdoors. It could get hit with all kinds of sticky items including bird droppings, scratches, and dents from rocks and trees, and lots of mud. If you want to protect your car’s shiny exterior, put a layer of wax sealant or a clear coat protectant on the surface of your car. This will help you fend off scrapes, cuts, and dents that might ruin your car’s paint job. A splash of mud can easily be wiped off, but anything stronger can do some serious damage to your ride.

Protect Your Car

Line the Inside of Your Car with Tarp

You’re going to get dirty during your camping trip. That’s pretty much a given with all the hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities that you’re bound to engage in. But when you get back in your car, you don’t want to carry all that dirt and filth with you. That’s why it helps to coat the inside of your car with a thick tarp that will protect your cushions from getting dirty. You should also line your floors with a removable mat, so you can easily clean out the inside when you get back from your trip.

Of course, you can always visit your local car wash for a range of interior and exterior detailing services after your trip. Stay clean this summer and visit R&J’s Auto Spa in Lakewood today!