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The thing about having a pet in your car is that whether you only bring them every now and again or have a regular furry passenger, pet hair will always find a way to get into your car and this can pose a problem, especially if it starts to get embedded in the interior. Using blankets or a vacuum is a nice start, but if you’re still having trouble, interior car detailing in Morrison may be the solution.

Tools Of The Trade

Removing Pet Hair From CarIn between your detailing visits, using a few household tools can help you cut down hair. One surprising asset is a basic rubber cleaning glove. Run your hand over the seats to try and clean the different areas of your car, dampening it if you’re not happy with the results. A sponge or washcloth can fill a similar role.

Another handy asset that doesn’t need to be moistened is a fresh dryer sheet. Just run this across your seats, flooring and console area to pick up possible pet hair out of areas that you may have not even expected. These won’t replace professional help but can be a good band-aid solution if you’re driving with someone that has allergies.

Getting Ahead Of The Issue

While these tips are great for dealing with pet hair after the fact, there are also some things you as a pet owner can do to minimize the time you spend getting rid of hair. One example is giving them a good brush before they get in the car to try and get rid of loose hairs beforehand. Another good idea, especially if your pet is active, is investing in a pet seat cover. This will keep outside dirt and grime from staining your car’s interior. Harnesses and crates will at least keep any hair confined to one area.

The trustworthy professionals at R&J’s Auto Spa provide a full range of car detailing services in Morrison. Visit us today to learn more about how we can keep your vehicle looking brand new.