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Vacuuming is a vital part of cleaning a car. If you want to get the perfect clean, there are several steps you need to take when vacuuming a car. After going through an express car wash in Lakewood, use the on-site vacuums to make your vehicle look its best. You can also try some of these deep cleaning tips.

Start with Trash Removal

It can be tempting to let the vacuum do all the work. While a car wash vacuum has the power to suck up receipt paper and food wrappers, these items can cause the vacuum to clog. This causes it to lose power or stop working. Remove any large pieces of trash before you begin.

Remove the Rugs

Some people prefer to vacuum just the rugs; however, dirt can easily become trapped under or around the mat. Removing the mat allows you to see the dirt while vacuuming clearly. If the rug is held in with a plastic component, be sure to clean it with a rag.

Consider a Shampoo

When you vacuum a car, you are removing all of the dirt with force. While this can help the car smell better, it won’t remove deep stains, mold, or mildew. Deep cleaning using a tube of shampoo specially designed for car interiors can help you get a longer-lasting clean. If you don’t have the equipment or supplies available, talk to the car wash or get a professional auto detailing service.

Clean Other Areas

Believe it or not, cleaning the nooks and crannies of your car can help keep your carpeted areas cleaner. This is because dust tends to build on the dashboard, steering wheel, and radio, then it falls to the floor. Wiping these areas clean will improve the air quality within the vehicle and keep the interior looking nicer longer.

Consider an Interior Auto Detail

At R&J’s Auto Spa, we understand how time-consuming cleaning a car interior can be. Getting a professional auto detail service can make getting the perfect clean a breeze. To learn more about the importance of vacuuming or about auto detailing services, please contact us today.