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It’s no secret that cars should be washed on a regular basis. Standard car washing services can make our vehicles look nice and clean, but the truth is that an auto detailing service is a necessity. Detailing services don’t just scrub the exterior of your vehicle, they protect every inch of the car. Use this quick guide to learn more about the difference between express wash services and full service auto detail in Lakewood.

Car Wash and Detailing CompanyWhat Comes with a Standard Car Wash?

When it comes to fast and easy car washing services, you have several options. A cheap basic wash will include soap, high-pressure washing, wrap cloth brushes, rinse, Dri Bright, a second rinse and an air dry. The process takes just a few minutes and removes all of the dirt built up on the exterior of your car. An express wash service adds a quick interior clean, dusting, and vacuuming.

How Detailing Services Enhance Your Vehicle

Auto detailing is designed to do more than just shampooing, scrubbing, and rinsing. Exterior detail services may start with an automatic wash, but many of the details need to be addressed manually. This is so that hard-to-remove substances, such as tree sap or tar, can be scrubbed clean. It also allows the car to be treated with polish, polymer sealant, and other protectants. This doesn’t just make sure every bit of the car is clean; it helps protect the vehicle from getting dirty or discolored, thus extending the life of the vehicle.

Finding the Right Auto Detailing Service

When it comes to choosing an auto detailing service in Lakewood, it is important to work with an experienced professional. At R&J Auto Spa, we offer several detailing services to help you get the exact clean you need. Explore the benefits of our complete, exterior, and interior auto detailing services today.