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Your vehicle’s interior has many components, which are manufactured with different types of materials. It is also where passengers are seated, interact with each other, and do things such as eating and drinking while you drive. Additionally, no matter if it is raining, snowing, or a sunny day, people – or even you – get in the car wet or dirty after doing sports or because of the weather. That makes your vehicle accumulate dirt, sweat, and different residues that can make it smelly and look horrible. Hence, it is a good idea to schedule a deep and thorough cleaning service every once in a while to remove dirtiness and contaminants that a regular express cleaning won’t be able to take off.

Interior vehicle detailing not only deep cleans the interior components but also protects them, helping to maintain your car’s value. Today, we’ll tell you all you need to know about our professional interior detailing services.

What is Interior Car Detailing?

Interior detailing comprises the complete cleaning of a vehicle’s cabin as a whole. Given the variety of materials used to build the inside of a cabin (such as synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl, leather, plastic, or carbon fiber composites), then different techniques and products need to be applied depending on the surface’s type.

Vacuuming is a standard part of the process, and steam cleaning plus foaming or liquid products can be used to remove upholstery stains and excess dirt. All non-porous surfaces will be deep-cleaned and polished as well.

R&J’s Interior Detailing Includes:

  • All door jams & crevasses cleaned
  • Shampooing and deep extraction of carpeting & mats
  • Shampoo for cloth seats
  • Seat-belts cleaned
  • Headliner cleaned
  • All vinyl & leather surfaces cleaned and conditioned
  • Trunk cleaned & detailed (including spare tire area)
  • Thorough cleaning of all vents, cracks, crevasses, and compartments
  • Console cleaned
  • Glove box cleaned – by request only

Starting at $100.00

Interior Car Detailing near Denver

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Besides our interior detailing service, we also offer exterior detailing for all vehicle types. Whether you just need your car’s interior detailed or want a full interior and exterior detailing service, we are the best choice for your vehicle cleaning needs in Lakewood. Contact us today or browse our website to learn more about our professional car wash company.