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Nothing says success like a beautiful car. Whether you just bought a new car or you want to show off a classic vehicle, it can be hard to make a car perfect for the camera. Before you start taking pictures of your car, read this guide. You’ll learn how to make the paint seem shiner, the tires appear newer, and the car;s overall look so much better.

Improving a Car Starts with a Good Clean

If you want to take good pictures of your vehicle, the first thing you should do is visit your local car wash. A car wash visit can help to save a lot of time scrubbing, allowing you to focus more on the details of the car.

Make a Car Shiny for the Camera

After the vehicle is clean, the first thing you should focus on is the exterior. The easiest way to add a little shine is with wax and a buffer. Make sure the vehicle is dry and apply a thin amount of wax. Use a microfiber towel to create an even coat and wipe away any excess. If the Washing car tiresresults aren’t quite shiny enough, you can apply a second or third coat. Check the label of the wax to see how long it needs to sit before adding more layers. Checking this will help you maximize results.

Dirt-Free Tires Look Like New

What’s the one thing that can make your tires look worn and used? Dirt! As you drive, your tires will collect dust, dirt, grime and more. A quick wash and tire shine can help take care of this in an instant. While a car detailing service will likely cover every inch of your tires, a typical wash may not. Use a small scrub brush to clean every inch of the tire, including the tread. To add even more camera-friendly shine, polish the hubcaps.

Car Cleaning in Denver Makes a Difference

Sometimes, making your car ready for photos is as simple as getting it cleaned or detailed. Contact R & J’s Auto Spa to learn more car cleaning tips.