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Everyone has different needs when it comes to cleaning. While most drivers will need a full auto detail service eventually, they may not need that high-level of care every week. Some drivers are keeping their cars clean in between washes by getting a mini detail in Green Mountain. This detailing can be a great way to save money while keeping your car looking its best. Use this quick guide to learn how you can get one of the best car cleaning services Denver has to offer.

Smart Tips for Washing Your VehicleStep One: Identify Problem Areas

Before you visit the express car wash, inspect your vehicle and look for areas that need attention. This is usually any carpeted areas and spaces that are prone to dust buildup, such as the dashboard. Think about whether or not these areas can be addressed with a simple wipe clean. If they can, go ahead and wipe them down. Then, re-evaluate.

Step Two: Visit an Express Car Wash

Once you have a good understanding of what your car needs, visit a professional car washing service in Green Mountain. At the car wash, you can typically select the services you want to receive. For example, at R&J’s Auto Spa, you can choose from several different basic and express car wash packages.

Step Three: Ask About Additional or Ala Cart Services

One of the great things about visiting a quality express car wash like R&J’s is that many of the auto detailing services are available ala cart or in exterior car washing packages. Whether you need your tires shined or some help cleaning the dashboard, the professionals at R&J’s can help you select the individual services your car needs.

Step Four: Get a Membership

R&J’s Auto Spa offers several ways to save money on car washes and auto detail services. Ask about our membership services the next time you visit the car wash or contact us for more information.