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While everyone knows that washing your car is important, they don’t always know how often to visit their local car wash. No one wants to risk damaging their vehicle by cleaning too much, nor do they want to drive a dirty car. Finding the perfect balance and getting into a routine is important. Use this quick guide to car washes in Denver to learn more.

Car Washing Membership PlansFind a Gentle, Yet Powerful Car Wash

Not all car wash services are created equal. While some washing equipment and chemicals can put your car at risk for damage, most car washes take a gentler approach. An experienced professional can use the correct amount of scrubbing to detail-clean your vehicle, keeping damage to a minimum. Because going to the car wash doesn’t damage the car, you can visit as often as you like.

Weekly Routines

The average driver will want to visit a car wash once a week or every other week. This will help get rid of dirt buildup and keep the vehicle looking its best. You’ll also have the opportunity to clean out your car, encouraging you to keep the interior clean. Drivers who don’t use their vehicles often may get into a monthly routine.

Unfortunately, weekly routines are only a rule of thumb. There are dozens of reasons why a driver would want to bring their vehicle to the car wash sooner. For example, if you parked in the grass, your car may have mud or dirt hiding on the exterior. The longer you wait to clean the dirt, the more it sticks to the vehicle. If you are afraid the car is dirty or came into contact with contaminants that could harm the paint, don’t be afraid to take it to the car wash.

Getting a Clean Car in Denver

It is easy to keep your car clean when you work with one of the best car washes in Denver. Visit R&J’s Auto Spa or contact us to learn more about our cleaning services.