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When it comes to getting a car clean, there are several options available. Full service auto detail car washes are typically the best option, as they combine the swiftness of an automatic wash with a personalized spot clean and polish. Automatic or express car washes are also a great option on their own because they are a quick-and-easy way to get the car’s exterior sparkling clean.

Before you decide what the most efficient way to clean your car is, read this helpful guide to understand better the benefits of using an express car wash.

Cleaning Your Car Windshield and WindowsStep One: Select Your Service

There are different service levels available. For the average driver, selecting a Better Wash will suffice. This includes pre-wash vehicle prep, soap, high-pressure wash, body conditioner, Dri Bright, and more. The service can also be combined with detailed cleaning services if necessary.

Step Two: Drive Into the Car Wash

Because the service is automatic, the most the driver needs to do is get the car to the car wash. The car will gently move along a conveyor as it is brushed clean and treated with the selected services. As you ride through the car wash, you’ll see colorful streams of soap and polish quickly applied to the vehicle, then brushed and rinsed off. It’s that simple!

Step Three: Consider an Interior Clean

After you have made your way through the automatic car wash, you should identify any other areas of the car that need to be cleaned. You shouldn’t have any spots of dirt or watermarks on the car’s exterior, so focus on the interior. Now is a great time to vacuum out the vehicle and wipe down the center console.

If the interior needs a lot of work, consider purchasing an interior auto detail. Unlike the automated wash, this service involves a professional cleaning every inch of the interior by hand. They will shampoo and do a deep extraction of the carpeting, clean the doors, and wipe down all vents.

Get a Perfect Wash

At R&J’s Auto Spa, you can get the exact service you need to get your car sparkling clean. Whether you are in need of a worry-free express wash or a hands-on cleaning, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.