Is your work guaranteed?

Yes! R&J’s Auto Spa offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll re-wash your vehicle for FREE!

Are Rain Checks offered?

Yes. We know that the Colorado weather can be unpredictable, so our Rain Check is simple. If it rains or snows within 48-hours after leaving our car wash, come back for a FREE vehicle re-wash! Applies to services of $9 and above; the receipt is required.

Is Customer Service important to you?

Totally. One of the things you’ll first notice when visiting us is our warm, welcoming smile and a commitment to taking care of all your car washing needs. We combine professionalism, experience, and personality to provide a signature service to all our customers.

However, exceptional customer attention doesn’t happen by luck. We create it by hiring outstanding individuals through a comprehensive selection process. And after finding the right employees, we also invest significant resources in their training, sparing no expense. This way, we ensure that each member of our staff, no matter if they are old or new, will be happy to go the extra mile and provide you with the best attention you’ve ever experienced at a car wash.

What kind of vehicles can you wash?

Most of them, pretty much. We do have some restrictions as to what can be safely washed and what can’t, but we focus on offering our customers the best car wash technologies available so we can ensure you’ll receive a sparkly clean and dry vehicle without it getting damaged in the process. Bringing your vehicle to R&J’s Auto Spa really is much safer than hand washing it at home.

The type of vehicles we can wash include mini-vans, pick-ups, 4×4’s, and full-sized vans up to 83” high.

Are brushes used in your car wash?

No, we are proud to be 100% brush-less! While brushes can get the job done easily, they can also damage, scrape, or dull your vehicle’s exterior. Our no-brush system is even safer than hand-washing your car, as it is thoroughly washed by a combination of computer-controlled specialty sprays along with soft cloth so that it will come up shining and without marks or a dulled finish.

Which types of soaps do you use?

They are our trademark secret! The formula of R&J’s Auto Spa Signature Shampoos, are a proprietary mix of eleven cleaning and polishing non-abrasive, environmentally friendly solutions. None of the products we use contain hydrofluoric acids so that we can keep our employees, the environment, and your vehicle safe!

Can the undercarriage be washed?

Absolutely, we can clean where you can’t reach. All that harsh dirt and road salts have no power over us! We offer a unique Underbody Wash with Rust Inhibitor, which will protect the vulnerable belly of your vehicle against those corroding and damaging elements.

Do you treat specialty wheels/tires?

Yes! With our computerized system, white walls get scrubbed, wire wheels get a pressure spray, and chrome gets gently buffed, so they all get their special shampoo and treatment. Ask for our Wheel Bling Treatment if you really want to make your wheels sparkle!

Is a clear coat protectant available?

Yes, ask for our Polymer Clear Coat for that extra shine and protection our customers love! It is a uniquely blended no-wax polymer protectant that is applied in two steps, which will give your vehicle that “new car” shine and help extend the life of the clear coat finish.

What drying method do you use?

We use touchless air dryers, which will dry your car safely and prevent spotting on its surface. RJ’s Auto Spa hot air drying system is even safe for convertibles and vinyl tops! 

After coming out of the line, we will finish drying by hand with microfiber towels to remove any remaining water. If you purchase any of our express detail packages, we will also use compressed air to remove any trapped water from the mirrors and other crevasses where the towels can’t reach.

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