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In addition to removing ice and snow from your windows during the winter, you may also need to find ways to get rid of fog.  This can make driving difficult and incredibly dangerous.  Prevent accidents by having a clear line of sight every time you get into your car.

Causes of Window Fog

Fog on your windows can be caused by excessive moisture in the car, more than likely from your breathing, that condenses on the cold surface.  To help prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that the excess moisture doesn’t stay trapped in the car, and this can be accomplished by ensuring that your heater isn’t recirculating the air (a setting that can be found on most new car models).  You may also consider cracking a back window so that the moisture has somewhere to escape.

It’s important to have your heater running during this time to help clear the windows, otherwise they will be incredibly difficult to see out.  You may also use some DIY remedies to stop fog from forming, including having a sock filled with kitty litter handy or a potato.

Car SmokingIn addition to moisture condensing on your windows, they could also be foggy because of off-gassing or other chemical films.  These can be caused by air fresheners that you put in your car, cleaners you use, or even smoking in your vehicle.   To ensure your car’s windows are as clear as they can be, you need to clean them with the right products or take them to a professional cleaner for car windshield cleaning.  This will ensure they are cleaned properly, and they may even have a product you can spray on your glass to keep it from fogging up.

Fog Issues During the Year

Winter isn’t the only time that fog can be an issue.  It can occur any time of the year when there’s an excessive amount of moisture.  Having clear windows is incredibly important for safety when behind the wheel, so find ways to make sure your windows are clear.

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