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Clean Your Car’s Windshield Effectively and See Where You Are Going!

Cleaning the windshield not only makes your ride look better but also improves your safety when driving around town. A dirty windshield will reduce your visibility and could increase the chances of having an accident when on the road.

These are four steps to clean your car windshield in a fast and efficient way:

1) Products Needed

The very first thing you need to do is prepare everything. You’ll need two microfiber towels, a bucket filled with water or a garden hose, and premium glass cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia.

2) Avoid Sunlight

Make sure to do the cleaning indoors or look for shade as to avoid direct sunlight, because direct exposure to the sun will speed up the drying process, leaving watermarks on the windshield.

3) Cleaning Time

For cleaning your windshield, first, spray some water on it. Apply the glass cleaner directly to the microfiber towel and then do small circular moves on the glass, starting from the top to the bottom until the whole windshield has been cleaned. Then, clean and rinse the microfiber towel with lots of water to remove the glass cleaner.

4) Dry It with the Microfiber Towel

Finally, it is time to get your windshield dry. Use the other microfiber towel to remove any residue and wipe the water off the glass surface.

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