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Although car wash specialists have all the answers, sometimes you might want to do a little bit of car cleaning and maintenance yourself. This is never a bad idea, as motorists tend to neglect cleaning responsibilities required to keep a new or used car in top shape over the years.

While you will never be able to achieve the seamless shine of a soft cloth car wash drive-through, that does not mean you should neglect car cleaning duties altogether. Car wash and car detailing specialists are still very much needed to ensure high-quality care over the years, and if you brought them a totally dirty and stained car they would be able to return it spotless. However, learning some common cleaning techniques and trying them out at home will help your car and the experts achieve top-quality results, every single time.

What do you need to do some DIY-cleaning?

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  • Quality Soap. Auto body shops will have a range of cleaning soaps for your needs. The best type of soap is one that is not too chemically enhanced, as these are not friendly to the paint finish on the car. Go for the more natural soaps if you can as they won’t erode the paint finish as chemical soaps do.
  • Quality Stain Remover. Chances are you are going to come across some stains on the exterior of the car. It might be bird droppings, bumper marks from another vehicle, or something else that came into contact with your car that left a lasting mark. To get rid of stains you need a quality stain remover, which can be purchased at an auto body shop.
  • A Soft Brush. A brush with soft bristles will do the trick on a dirty wheel. The chrome wheels usually have quite a lot of build-up, and the easiest way to tackle them is to soak them with regular car wash soap, scrub them with the soft brush, and then give them a rinse.
  • A Wash Mitt. A regular towel is not going to help scrub down the exterior of the car. A better tool is a wash mitt, a product designed specifically for the purposes of picking up dirt from car surfaces. 
  • Two Buckets. You want two buckets when soaping your car, one with clear water and the other a mix of car soap and water. Simply dip the mitt into the soapy bucket, clean a region of the car, rinse the dirty mitt in the clear water bucket, and repeat the whole process.
  • Drying Cloth. Finally, when the soaping job is done, you will need a soft drying cloth to run across the surface of the car. There are a lot of interesting drying clothes on the market, some that are designed to soak up 10x it’s weight in water. Pick the best one for your needs and see how effective it is!

If you feel like your DIY efforts need a professional boost, call the car wash pros at R&J’s Auto Spa and set up an appointment today.