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Many people restore classic cars as a hobby, generally keeping them garaged with the exception of an infrequent spin around the block or a special occasion. In many cases, classic cars can be significant investments, and owners want to protect their investments by keeping their cars beautifully detailed.

That said, classic cars have some considerations that new cars may not. Below are a few things that owners of classic cars may want to consider.

Body Trim Can Be Extremely Delicate

The main thing that professional auto detailers want consumers to remember is that the body trim pieces on a classic car are going to be much more fragile than those seen on a newer car. Details should be extremely careful as they work around bumpers, grilles, and especially soft-tops on older cars.

Cars that are 30 or 40 years old or older are going to have very fragile body trim and interior trim pieces. A professional detailer will know how to treat these delicate trim pieces in a way that less-experienced car washers may not.

Should You Use a Clear Coat Protectant on a Classic Car?

While many professionals recommend using a clear coat protectant on contemporary cars to lock in a paint job, the two-stage paint process seen on many modern cars wasn’t standard until fairly recently. Certain cars from the ’50s, ’60s, and before do not have a two-stage paint process, and thus some owners may be wondering if clear-coating is the best way to protect the paint on an older car.

Detailing a Classic Car

Clear-coating has a number of pros and cons, with the positives generally outweighing the negatives. The biggest drawback would be cost, as some people who are restoring classic cars will opt to only do a one-stage paint job to save some money. Clear-coats are also a bit more prone to scratching.

That said, clear-coating protects cars from UV-ray damage and provides depth and gloss to almost any car’s finish. While a clear-coat can become dull, because it is a coat of paint, it’s treated the same way as a regular base coat: regular washing, waxing, and the occasional use of detailing clay.

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