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Looked Under Your Car Lately?

When most people consider an undercarriage wash for their vehicle, they picture a quick spray in an automated car wash. While this will sometimes remove some of the first layers of road grime from a vehicle’s underside, in many cases a car’s undercarriage could stand to have a more thorough cleaning.

Most people usually won’t go a week or two between car washes, but many of them fail to do a proper, thorough undercarriage washing. The reality is that a car’s underside comes into contact with much more dirt, asphalt, and potentially-corrosive materials than the vehicle’s body, and the undercarriage should be given a thorough cleaning fairly often.

Why Do a Thorough Undercarriage Washing?

With a vehicle’s underside, this is a classic case of “out of sight, out of mind.” Most people don’t even consider the condition of their vehicle’s underside until they hear nasty noise coming from under their car or truck, or notice a problem with the vehicle’s driving performance.

Keeping gunk out of a vehicle’s suspension is the best way to keep a car running smoothly. Caked-on road debris causes all sorts of problems, particularly as it concerns the car or truck’s temperature. Road debris and dirt can prevent heat from escaping the vehicle’s engine or transmission, which is obviously not good.

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This same gunk or debris can also enter parts of the vehicle’s engine through gaps in seals, causing plaque-like buildup in areas where it can be a chore to remove. Any place in which air can flow in can allow road debris such as tacky unfinished asphalt to enter. Again, this can create major mechanical issues over time.

In snowy states such as Colorado, rust is also a big concern. Road salt—especially in places like Lakewood, CO where the winters tend to be brutal—can latch onto the metal of the vehicle’s undercarriage. Over time, this will cause a corrosive layer to form.

A regular undercarriage washing will ward off most of these problems. While a routine run through a car wash is okay occasionally, owners should have a professional cleaning completed regularly to protect their car’s performance and value.

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