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While many people prefer to do their own service work whenever possible, in some situations, it’s best to let a professional handle a particular job. This line of thought certainly extends to cars and trucks, as there are a number of situations in which a DIY job has its limits, and professional detailing is a better investment.

This article will discuss a few scenarios in which a person will want to consider having their vehicle professionally detailed, rather than doing the job themselves:

Just After Purchasing a Used Vehicle

car cleaning auto detailingWhile reputable dealerships will sell cars in outstanding used condition, in many cases a buyer won’t find significant detailing issues with a vehicle until after they’ve driven it off the lot.

In other cases, the buyer will purchase a vehicle directly from a private owner, and find out quickly that the vehicle has a ton of dirt or grime between the seats.

As an example, people who purchase a vehicle in the winter time might not notice a smell such as cigarette smoke in the upholstery of the vehicle until the weather turns warm. Another case could be dirt around deeply into a vehicle’s upholstery and liners.

Just Before Selling a Vehicle

Sellers will want their vehicles in pristine shape before offering them to a market, and professional auto detailing is very likely to help a seller move their vehicle quickly and at or near their asking price.

professional detailing

While some owners may consider something like professional auto detailing to be an unnecessary expense that cuts into the sale price, it’s also a classy gesture on the part of a seller.

While it’s sure to help a vehicle attract more attention, it also indicates that the seller is conscientious and considerate. This could mean the difference between closing a deal and having a potential buyer pass.

Choose R&J’s For Professional Auto Detailing

Drivers and owners looking for the most professional auto detailing in Lakewood, CO and surrounding areas will want to come into R&J’s Auto Spa. We provide a number of professional services that will keep your vehicle looking and smelling like new.

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