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Cleaning the windows and windshield of your car might seem like a no-brainer. But there are mistakes you can make that leave a dull finish and simply make the process take a whole lot longer. Here are basic tips to follow for achieving sparkling clear auto glass in no time.

Use the Right Glass Cleaners

Most household glass cleaners contain ammonia which is great for cutting through grease, but not so great for auto glass. Ammonia can dry out the rubber and vinyl trim around car windows. While cleaning the glass inside the car ammonia-based products can get on and damage leather interiors as well. Instead, apply ammonia-free auto glass cleaning products with a micro-fiber towel. Micro-fiber offers the best combination of abrasion and gentle surface cleaning you need for achieving the best results.

Best Practices for Cleaning Auto Glass

  • Clean your auto glass last so glass sprays do not end up on the finish of your detailed vehicle.
  • Clean the glass away from the sun and make sure you start with dry windows. The sun can cause your liquid cleaner to evaporate too quickly which can leave streaks.
  • Clean the windshield with up and down then side by side strokes to ensure a consistently streak-free surface. Follow the same approach for cleaning your rear window.
  • Lower the windows slightly before you start cleaning, so you can get to the top edges of the windows.

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Managing Water and Mineral Spots

Water from rainstorms contains tiny mineral particles which remain on your glass after the water dries. You may have to spend more time removing these pesky spots. To save time, try to dry your glass after it rains to prevent mineral build-up. Otherwise, use a glass sealer with rain repellent additives for long-term maintenance.  

Maintain Your Windshield Wipers

Dirty and ragged windshield wipers do no justice to your windshield. Clean them with a rag occasionally and replace them when you notice smears and smudges on the glass after you use them.
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