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Learn How to Clean Your Foggy Headlights and Improve Your Visibility

Vehicle lights are crucial for driving at night to see the road ahead and let others see your car. Also, if the weather conditions are not good during the day, they play a vital role in keeping you safe.  However, if your headlights are foggy and don’t provide enough (or precise) illumination, then the chances of having an accident increase, so it is paramount to have your car’s headlights cleaned, polished, and working in optimal condition. Today, we want to write about four useful tips to clean your headlights and leave them like new.

1) Gather the Cleaning Materials

To clean the car’s headlights, you will need two microfiber towels, a bucket filled with water, a toothbrush, and a premium headlight restorer.

2) Remove Debris

Before applying the headlight restorer product, make sure to remove all dirt, dust, and bugs that are stuck on the headlight’s surface. The best way to eliminate this kind of debris is to use a glass cleaner and a microfiber towel.

3) Cleaning Process

Once the headlights are clear of debris, it is time to apply the headlight restorer as instructed on its label and wait a couple of minutes until it dries. Once it is dry, remove it using the microfiber towel.

4) Eliminate Excess Cleanser

Now it’s time to make sure there is no headlight restorer residue left by using the other microfiber towel. Get it wet in the bucket with water and apply it with a circular motion on the headlights. Once they are thoroughly clean, dry them, and you’ll be ready to hit the road with bright and clear lights!

Professional Car Cleaning Service

Bring Your Vehicle to R&J’s Auto Spa for a Professional Car Cleaning Service

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