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When people are talking about getting their car cleaned via car washing services in Denver, chances are that the windshield is one of the first things they are thinking about. This can boil down to cleaning off bird droppings, dirt, or anything else that can obscure your vision. In fact, getting things off the windshield is not just about keeping Cleaning Up That Interior Windshieldclean, but keeping safe. However, when you’re working on that windshield, it’s important to keep the interior windshield clean as well. It may not be as subject to the elements as the exterior, but can still get dirty and obscured.

The Basics

For one thing, the inside of the windshield can collect things like oils, dust, as well as residue if the driver smokes. Before starting off with your interior clean, it may be a good idea to try and clean off the exterior first. On top of making it easier to see when you drive, a clean exterior also makes it easier to pin down dirty areas for the interior. In general, your materials are going to include a basic glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol or a similar commercial cleaner, and microfiber towels. For people without microfiber towels, you can sub in paper towels, but the results aren’t likely to be as good.

Added Advice

Start the cleaning with a basic pre-wipe, using the towel to wipe down the whole windshield in a circular motion, then up and down. This will get off some of the basic dirt and dust that may accumulate. After this, degrease it by using your rubbing alcohol. Finally, you can complete the procedure by spraying on the glass cleaner and wiping it vertically to clear off any haze or streaks. Note that there are other techniques that you can use, but doing this regularly should be enough to keep the inside of your windshield clean.

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