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When it comes to cleaning leather seats, most car owners are stuck in the past. A whole industry of car cleaning products has developed around treating the delicate material, products that produce subpar results and leave consumers in a state of confusion. Why do the specialized products, designed to deal only with certain types of leather, produce such underwhelming results?

Interior car detailing is painstaking work because blemishes are clear for the eye to see. A rug or seat that is not perfectly clean will stand out. A windshield with soap marks will make it hard to appreciate the rest of the sparkly clear glass. And leather seats that still have marks of erosion after you spent two hours cleaning them is a discouraging feeling. The question is, then, how can you clean your leather seats effectively? What approach works best for your leather seats? And how can you maintain its quality? Here is a quick run through of how to keep your leather interior looking sleek and shiny for years.

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Vacuum Before Anything Else

The first step is to vacuum away any dust or dirt on the surface of the leather, which will become abrasive entities that compromise the effectiveness of any cleaning product you apply. Be sure to use a plastic head attachment that does not damage the leather!

Scrub or Wipe in the Product

The next step is to apply the product. Be sure to do your research here and pick a product suited to the type of leather in your vehicle, which includes picking a scrub (for more compromised leather) or a cloth (for general maintenance cleaning). These types of decisions are obviously important to get right, and yet they are often overlooked by car owners who think a general solution will do the trick. Sadly, it will only make the leather worse-off.

It’s also best to apply the product in small sections. Spray and wipe/scrub the product onto one section of a chair and let it dry to see how the leather reacts. If the leather does not come out a different shade than the original color, then you’ve found a product that works well for the type of leather in your car.

The most important thing to remember when cleaning leather seats is that every type of leather is different, so you need to do your homework before applying product. The second thing to remember is that you want to clean leather interior on a regular basis. The most effective way to ensure smooth, shiny leather upholstery is to clean it regularly from day 1.

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