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Selling a car is an exciting proposition. The chance to make back a solid return on your investment is one reason to sell, while the opportunity to put that money back into a newer, or more suitable, vehicle is often why car owners sell in the first place.

In order to successfully sell your car, you need to make it appealing to prospective buyers. You need to ensure the car is in good working order by taking it to a mechanic. But you also need to get your car cleaned before showing it off, and that requires a professionals touch. Here are a few of the ways in which a car wash will prepare your car for a sale:

Buff your car yourself

Accessing Hard to Reach Interior Areas

Even if you did not eat or drink much in your car, the remnants of use will still stockpile in hard to see areas. Zones under the front two seats, in the pockets on the doors, the interior windshield, and crevices throughout the car need special attention. The new owner is going to want a car that feels as new as possible and will notice even the most hard to spot areas where it’s not spotless. Thorough washing and cleaning of all these areas with vacuum, cloth and product is absolutely crucial!

The Carpets

Part of creating the feeling of a new car is thoroughly cleaning all the foot carpets. The front seat carpets often get the most attention, but the backseat rugs must be treated with as much care.

The Exterior Coat

Professional car cleaning companies can give your exterior a clear coat to protect the paint layer. A clear coat will give the body a nice shimmer and also guarantee for the new owner a prolonged coat of paint that is not as susceptible to damage from the elements as most paint layers are.

The Windows

Finally, the windows will be given a thorough rinse and wipe down. Windows are not as visible signs of age as the body or the interior upholstery, but they make an impression on a prospective buyer if they are sparklingly clear and without marks or blemishes.

If you are thinking of selling a car, be sure to pop into R&Js Auto Spa for a thorough clean before taking photos and putting it on the market.