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Many classic vehicle owners like to take it to events, shows, and other activities that involve showing their precious ride. Others just like to keep it for themselves as their favorite car or as part of their personal classic car collection. But no matter the reason for owning a classic vehicle, it should be washed now and then to protect its components and remove dust, dirt, or other elements that could harm it.

3 Useful Steps to Wash Your Classic Car’s Exterior

Before washing your beautiful ride it is vital to choose proper products, so look for those specially made for car cleaning and detailing purposes. Additionally, it is necessary to wash the vehicle in the right order to have better results.

1) Start from Top to Bottom

Once you have gathered premium car washing products and the tools required, it is advised to start at the top and continue downwards to avoid the dirt and residues being removed to be spread all over your car. So always start with the roof and finish with the tires, as they are the grimiest areas of the vehicle.

How to wash a Classic Car

2) Windshield and Window Cleaning

Never use newspapers to clean the windshield and windows because it can leave ink residues on the car. Instead, we recommend the use of a microfiber towel sprayed with a glass cleaning product. However, don’t spray the glass cleaner liquid directly onto the windshield or windows because it can also land on other surface areas of your classic beauty.

3) Dry It

Once the entire car’s exterior is clean, it’s time to get it dry. One of the most common mistakes car owners make when drying their vehicle, is to leave it to dry in the sun, as this will create watermarks on the paint that look awful and may be hard to remove. The correct way to dry a vehicle is using a microfiber towel to absorb the water with small circular moves.

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