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When it comes to your car wash in Lakewood, most people don’t think beyond the basics, but at the same time, everyone wants the most quality for their money. With this in mind, the industry is coming out with new technology not only just for cars themselves, but for all the different businesses that service them. Car washes are a perfect example. 

How Flat Belt Conveyors Work

One of these new innovations that are changing the way people use their car washes is the flat belt conveyor. This is notable because it not only improves the safety for the car itself during a wash, but also for the various people who are working on it, since there are no trap doors or exposed areas where people’s feet can get caught. When a car drives onto the belt, it transports all four wheels to keep it from moving and potentially colliding with the car in front of it. Because the under clearance is a lot lower than usual, it can also service exotic cars and cars with low hanging battery boxes.

Express Car Wash

Future Options

All these innovations may actually even help you if you’re waiting for a car wash line on a busy weekend. For example, the majority of cars made today have some sort of anti-braking system. However, both car owners and car wash attendants are unlikely to know how to turn these off right away, especially considering the fact that every make and model has a different way to do this. However, a flat belt conveyor system helps deal with these issues. This is only the beginning, though, so be sure to keep your eyes even on the humble car wash as a potential area of development for new technology.

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