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As the summer comes to an end and we start looking ahead to winter, some routine maintenance on our vehicles is a great idea. By staying on top of the condition of our cars, we prevent future problems and save a ton of money in the long run. Before the Denver winter sets in, here are some helpful tips on keeping your car running well, looking good, and ready to face the cold.

Windshield check

With inclement weather on the horizon, it is a good idea to check your windshield for any chips or cracks that may have developed. When it freezes outside, minor windshield issues can become more serious, so it is worth a quick look to see if anything needs the attention of a mechanic or windshield repair specialist. While you’re at it, getting that windshield nice and clean will help with visibility.

Check your fluids

The changes in weather can put stress on your car’s fluids, so having your oil and antifreeze levels checked is a good idea ahead of the winter. It doesn’t hurt to have an oil change to get ready for the trying cold winter.

Check your tires

Fluctuations in temperature can lead to changes in your tire pressure. As the winter sets in, keep a close eye on your tires and make sure they are at the optimal inflation. It is also a good idea to check your treads, and install winter tires for optimal control in the elements.

Car Ready for Winter

Get detailed

Full-service auto detailing will help to get your car ready for the elements. The changing weather can cause wear and tear on your car’s exterior. A clear coat protectant might also be a good idea to protect your paint job from the salt and sand that you might encounter over the winter. As for the interior, detailing helps to prepare upholstery and other surfaces for the months ahead. Not only does it get your car looking shiny and new,  it also helps to prevent salt stains on your seats and floor mats.


Get your car ready for winter by visiting your local detailing experts at R&J’s Auto Spa in Lakewood.