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When it comes to getting your car looking its cleanest, getting a car wash in Denver is only the first step. One major part of getting a proper detail process done is buffing the car to clear out imperfections. Some people may be trying to save by doing this themselves, but this probably isn’t the best way to go. Here are a few reasons why.

Why Quality Matters

One thing that you need to understand is that there’s a difference between the car buffers and polishes that professionals compared to any sort of home or DIY kits. You want to use buffers that will eliminate even the smallest flaws in paint, without impacting the paint’s quality. By the same token, if you don’t invest in quality polishes for your buffing,you are likely to see a cloud on the top surface of the paint. In addition, car professionals understand that you need to think about the different hardness, thickness, and condition of each paint job before deciding how to buffer things out.

The Technique For Buffing

Buff Your Car

When people start buffing, it’s important to try and start off slowly, especially because this can be a bit of a trial-and-error process early on. Ideally, use a test spot or the worst-affected part of the car to test your buffing technique and materials before spreading. By the same token, it may make sense to go with a less aggressive product at first. Another reason why you want to work slowly is that polish needs to dry correctly to do its job. Moving the polisher quickly over the paint will lead to a slipshod job.

As you can see, a lot goes into getting buffing done, even beyond the tools and equipment you use. To make sure your car gets the proper shine and you don’t risk any damage, you’re better off just working with local professionals to get the job done right.

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