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When life gets busy, it’s harder to stay on top of the little things. While rushing to meetings, staying late to work on a project or zipping from A to B to pick up the kids, you quickly realize how little time or energy you have left to clean the kitchen or give the car a regular car wash. And unlike the kitchen, which remains within the private domain, your car is seen by neighbors, friends, colleagues, and everyone you cross paths with on a regular basis.

You can’t hide a messy car from the world, and yet a glance on the road reveals many salty hubcaps and stained rear view mirrors. Neglecting to keep a clean car has negative ramifications on your psychological health and your social status in the world. On the other hand, there are many benefits to taking a vehicle in for a regular car wash, including:

Car Detailing Services

  1. Reduce Damage. Dirt, salt, mud, rocks, and other elements on the road tend to build up on a vehicle and cause detrimental damage over the long term. A dirty car begins to wear down faster than if it was wiped clean on a regular basis with a full-service car wash.
  2. Improve Safety. A dirty and messy car is simply harder to drive in. Take the windows, for example. A driver should have clear visibility through every window, including the rearview mirrors, in order to drive safely and with confidence. This is near impossible with a dirty car because dirt and debris build-up and cloud visibility, making it harder to see what’s around you. Mess and clutter on the inside of the car is also a safety hazard, especially if it’s in proximity to the driver’s feet or cups, books or litter cluttering the driver’s seat area.
  3. Keep High Car Value. A regular car wash with professional detailing work is important if you want to keep the value of the car as high as possible. Many people like to sell their car used and use the income to buy a new vehicle. Well, if you can’t get a good price for your car because it picked up damages over the years from a lack of cleaning, it’s not going to be possible to afford a newer model.
  4. A Cleaner Appearance. The visual appeal of a shiny car is quite something. People take notice, and usually, form a positive impression of the car and its driver. A driver of a clean car gives the impression that they have things under control, that life is manageable and even seamless for them. It’s an appealing impression.
  5. A Better Driving Experience. All in all, for the driver themselves, a car without any clutter or mess is an easier car to drive. The experience is better because there is less to look at, less to distract you as you drive.

To start enjoying some of these benefits of a clean car, contact the car wash specialists at R&J’s Auto Spa today.