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Your windshield is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If it isn’t crystal clear, you are putting your safety at risk. Luckily, caring for your windshield can be an easy task, especially if you already go to a quality express car wash in Lakewood. Windshield washes are a standard service in our basic car wash and auto detailing packages. Aside from a cleaning during your regular wash, here are a few things you can do to keep your windshield looking its best.

Remove Dog Hair from Your CarUse the Right Cleaning Solutions

If you need to hand wash your windshield in between car washes, make sure you use the correct glass cleaner. There is a big difference between the cleaners the car wash uses and the ones designed for household windows. If you have tinted windows, ensure the solution you are using is ammonia-free and advertises that it is safe to use. Spray a small amount on a cloth to spot clean any troublesome areas.

Glass Polish Removes Water Spots

While automatic car washes use a liquid solution to dry the surface of the vehicle quickly, these chemicals only work with high powered blow dries. The polish used for automobile glass resembles shoe polish regarding consistency. Like spot cleaning, apply a small amount of polish to a sponge and then scrub away the water spots.

Always Check the Wiper Blades

Make sure your car is prepared for rain, bugs, dirt, and other contaminants by keeping the washer fluid well-plenished. Gently wipe the blades clean to avoid streaks. If the rubber on the wiper blade appears worn, replace it before hitting the road again.

Get a Quality Car Wash

R&J’s Auto Spa is happy to help drivers get the clean windows they need. Contact us to learn more about the solutions and services that can help keep your windows looking their best.