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Cleaning a car can be a very long and detailed process. When washing a car at home, our primary goal is to make it look shiny and new. The truth is that cleaning a car doesn’t just make it look better, it can also keep it running longer. Whether you choose an express car wash in Longwood or want to try and scrub your car yourself, here are 3 areas you can’t afford to ignore.

The Undercarriage

This area that lines the bottom of your car is the most difficult to scrub at home, yet it is one of the most crucial areas that need to be cleaned. This area houses several sensitive components of your vehicle and keeps everything in place. As you drive, dirt and salt cakes on to the undercarriage, tearing away at its protective layers and promoting rust growth. A professional car wash will quickly brush the dirt away and use a special rust inhibitor to stop growth.

Interior Car Detailing Services in LakewoodTires

When tires are caked with dirt, they tend to get worn down. To preserve the look and drive-ability of your tires, you should pressure wash them whenever you purchase a car wash. If you are scrubbing at home, be sure to buff the hubcaps and clean in the small spaces in between using shampoo.

A Detailed Interior Clean

Cleaning the inside of a car may seem obvious, but many people forget this step. Unfortunately, your car is a small, confined space that doesn’t always have the best airflow. That means it is susceptible to unpleasant smells, mold, and mildew.

The Benefits of a High Quality Car Wash

While you can try and clean these spaces at home, professional assistance can help you get the fresh clean you want in minutes. Contact R&J Auto Spa for more information about car wash services and how they impact the life of your vehicle.