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Winter is getting closer to the end, but we still have several months of snow and ice to look forward to—not to mention slush and mud.  It may not seem like the best time of year to get car detailing in Lakewood, but it’s important for your paint and clear coat protectant to take care of your car over the winter.

Salt, dirt, and other chemicals that get sprayed onto the road to prevent people from slipping and sliding can scratch or remove your paint.  This can then lead to the growth of rust, which will cause major issues for your car.  Removing the grime that comes from the road is the best way to keep your paint intact and your car looking nice.

Express Car WashIt’s not always easy to wash your car during the winter months, and it’s probably not advisable to hook up a hose to the house.  If that freezes, you’re in for a world of hurt.  Thankfully, there are places you can take your car to where you can get a professional detail and not have to worry about freezing pipes or your freezing during the car-washing process.

Trying to remove dirt or salt from your car, if not done properly, can also lead to scratches and damage to the paint that will allow rust to develop.  Professional detailers have the expertise and skill to remove the dirt, salt, and chemicals that get stuck to your car during winter driving.  They accomplish it in a way that is gentle on your paint.

Winter isn’t synonymous with getting your car cleaned, but it’s still important to have it done.  Keeping the paint from getting scratched is the best way to ensure that rust won’t take over the exterior, and a professional detailer, such as those found at RJs, know exactly how to accomplish the task during the coldest months so that your car looks good.

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