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The next best thing to having a new car is enjoying the cleanliness and new car smell of a newly detailed vehicle. When done at a professional car wash shop, the job will leave your ride so shiny and clean that it will be like picking it up from the dealership!

Professional Detailing Services in Lakewood

Professional exterior detailing in Denver

At R&J’s Auto Spa in Lakewood, we love clean vehicles, so we understand the needs of our customers, especially those of the car enthusiasts that are conscious drivers and take good care of their rides. With all of them in mind, we have created different detailing service packages that are tailored to fit your vehicle’s needs and your budget.

Specially trained staff performs all of our detailing work, and we only use the best specialty products in the industry, so your car will leave our shop looking as good as new again!

Exterior Detailing

A full exterior detailing aims to restore a vehicle’s outer look to its original condition through a process of deep cleaning and polishing of the paint, windows, wheels, tires, chromed surfaces, and any other exterior component.

The products and techniques used for exterior detailing will depend on the type of surface being treated and its condition. Some of them include special detergents, acid-free degreasers that eliminate dirt and soil, detailing clay for removing encrusted contaminants, waxes, and polishes, as well as the necessary sponges, brushes, or towels to apply them correctly.

Professional interior detailing in Denver

Interior Detailing

It comprises the complete cleaning of a vehicle’s cabin as a whole. Given the variety of materials used to build the inside of a cabin, different techniques and products need to be applied depending on the surface’s type.

Vacuuming is a standard part of the process, and steam cleaning plus foaming or liquid products can be used to remove upholstery stains and excess dirt. All non-porous surfaces will be deep-cleaned and polished as well.

World-Class Car Wash and Auto Detailing in Lakewood, Denver

Having your vehicle detailed at least twice a year has many benefits, including keeping its good looks and a higher resale value because its interior and exterior components are well-preserved.

If you haven’t tried our services yet, we encourage you to schedule your next car wash at our professional car wash shop in Lakewood to experience the difference in customer attention and quality car cleaning services!