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Your car is going to get dirty. There is no way around it. Dirt and grime from your daily drive add up quickly, not to mention the dust and dirt in the interior. A regular wash can go a long way to keeping your car tidy, but sometimes the grime adds up. If you are looking to get your car back to that brand-new shine it used to have, you might be looking for a full service auto detail

Detailing is a more comprehensive clean than your average car wash. An expert will buff every nook and cranny to get your vehicle back to its original state of factory cleanliness. This meticulous cleaning will cover every inch of your car, inside and out.

Can I do it myself?

If you are considering doing a deep clean for yourself, you should keep a few things in mind. The professionals will use special tools and cleaners that can get your car looking spotless without causing scratches, stains, or other damage to the vehicle, which you would have to buy for yourself. Secondly, a specialist will know how to access the hard to reach places that you might not – and they can do it much faster too! Home car detailing can be an extremely time consuming task due to the attention to detail it requires.

Car Cleaning Services

Benefits of trusting a professional

The experts can focus on the inside and outside of your car – or just one or the other if that’s what you need. On your interior, they will use quality products to remove stains and treat fabrics to prevent new ones. Surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected to remove dust, dirt, and grime, and windows and mirrors will be cleaned and treated to prevent smudging. On the exterior, a special finish will be applied to give your car a sparkling shine that will also protect your paint job and prevent future grime buildup.

Your detailing professional at R&J’s Auto Spa in Lakewood will use the best products, the right equipment, and a tailored approach to help set your vehicle apart.