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When trying to cut car washing costs, car waxing in Arvada is usually the first to go. While it is often seen as a “finishing touch” to make the car extra shiny, the truth is that car waxing is so much more. Use this quick guide to learn more about car waxing and why it should always be included in your car washing routine.

classic car ownersWhat is Car Wax?

Car wax is a soft substance applied directly to the surface of the vehicle after a wash. Typically made from carnauba, palm, or coal, the wax adds a thin layer of protection between the air outside and your vehicle. The oily substance helps to give the car a wet or shiny look, reflecting light off of the surface of the car.

The Finishing Touch of a Perfect Car Wash

Waxing a car is the last step you do after washing the vehicle. After your express car wash in Lakewood, you’ll want to polish your vehicle. Apply any protective layers or polish you would like. Then, use wax to seal in these extra substances.

How Much Wax Do I Need?

Your vehicle needs a surprisingly small amount of wax to protect it. A little dab can be more than enough to cover the side of the car. Don’t be put off by small container sizes; most wax is very powerful and slides easily. One container should be enough for several waxes.

Keep in mind that different brands of wax will yield different results. Cheap car wax will add a protective layer, but it may not be as expensive as its luxury counterpart. Talk to a professional about available brands and which product will best suit your vehicle.

Get Perfect Car Waxing Services

At R&J’s Auto Spa, we know the importance of a proper car wax. Contact us to see how our car waxing service is the perfect finishing touch after a wash.