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There’s now way around it, when winter is here, you’re going to have to scrape frost, snow, and ice from the window’s surface.  Doing this job incorrectly, however, can lead to scratching your glass, and this is not good.  Below are some of the best ways to scrape your windows to prevent damage.

Use a de-icer

These can be made at home or bought over the counter.  Spraying this on your windows will help melt the ice and make it easier to remove so that you don’t cause damage to the glass.  It’s important to use a de-icer rather than warm water because water will refreeze, and de-icers usually have a lower freezing temperature.

Use a plastic scraper

Plastic scrapers are gentler on your glass than metal or other materials.  Using anything other than plastic and you risk scratching your window.

Turn on your defroster

Turning on your car’s defroster or the window heater is another great way to remove ice and snow without it causing damage.  This may take longer than scraping, but it will keep your glass safe.

auto spa in LakewoodKeep your windows clean

While it may seem silly to wash your windows in the winter, it’s actually quite beneficial.  Snow can be packed with dirt and other debris, and if this is on the surface of your glass when you go to scrape—even if you use a plastic scraper—it can still cause damage.  If you’re uneasy about doing car windshield cleaning yourself, head on over to professional car detailing in Lakewood and let them clean your windows properly.

Clearing off the snow and ice during the winter is incredibly important.  The driver needs to be able to see so that they don’t get into an accident.  Clearing it off properly is important to protect the glass, and keeping it clean and free of dirt and other debris is a job left to a professional.

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