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Washing your car is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. It removes all the gunk on the outside of your car that can wear away at the exterior of the vehicle over time. But many drivers often wonder how often they should wash their car and take it to the local car wash. The truth is it all depends on how often you use the car and where you drive it. Learn more about how often you should be washing your car.

Changing Seasons

Your car washing schedule will also depend on the current season and what kind of climate your area is experiencing. Winter will be the toughest season on your car, hitting it with dirt, snow, ice, and all kinds of debris as you cross snow-covered streets. Taking your car in for a wash every week will make sense during the coldest months of the year. While the spring, summer and fall won’t be as tough on your ride, you’ll still want to bring it in every month or two to make sure the exterior is clean and smooth.

Wash Your Car

Different Lifestyles

If you consider yourself a light driver that’s just running the occasional errand or commuting nearby for work, you shouldn’t have to wash your car that often. Bringing it to a car wash every other month or every six months should suit your vehicle just fine. But if you’re a heavy driver that’s spending hours on the road every day or taking your car on all kinds of back road adventures, you might want to bring your car in every week to get rid of all that debris and dirt that can collect around the exterior of your car.

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