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Everyone loves having a shiny, clean car. Especially when it is brand new, you want to keep your vehicle sparkling. But can you wash your car too much?

Benefits of regular washing

Your car is going to get dirty. The road kicks up all kinds of dirt and grime, and the exhaust from other vehicles can leave residue on your paint job. Even when you aren’t driving, your car can face an onslaught of dust, bird droppings, and other airborne impurities. If you live in a hot climate you have to contend with humidity and excessive sun, while cold weather climates face freezing temperatures and road salt. Getting regular treatments at a car wash in Lakewood, CO is the best way to keep your car in tip-top shape. But is there such thing as too clean?

Can you wash too frequently?

Cleaning your car frequently is always a good idea. Not only will this keep it looking nice, but it will remove corrosive elements that could cause rust or deterioration, break down rubber seals, or wear down your paint job. But would a daily wash cause damage? In short, no. The washing process does not damage your car, even if done very frequently. What you do want to be careful of is excessive drying using rubbing materials. If your car is rubbed with the wrong materials, you could experience wear and tear on your vehicle in the long run. Micro particles from regular rags or towels can be dragged across the paint, which can be abrasive and cause scratching.

Professional Car Wash

To avoid scratching, your best bet is to have your car washed and detailed by professionals at an auto spa. They will use the proper cleaning solutions and drying materials to get your car looking spotless without risking damage to your paint. When done properly, you can wash your car as often as you’d like!

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